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Blood Type Testing in Anderson, SC

Did you know?

Although all blood is made up of the same components, not everyone has the same blood type. There are eight different common blood types, which are determined by the presence or absence of certain antigens. Antigens are substances that can trigger an immune response if introduced into someone whose body identifies them as a foreign invader. In that situation, the person’s immune system attacks the transfused blood, That is one of the main reasons why you should know your blood type. In the case of a blood transfusion for you or a loved one, accurate blood typing and cross matching can make a life or death difference.

There are 8 Blood Types:

  • Type O+ (the most common blood type)
  • Type O- (sometimes referred to as the universal blood type)
  • Type A+
  • Type A-
  • Type B+
  • Type B-
  • Type AB+
  • Type AB-

Why Do I Need to Know My Blood Type?

It’s a good idea to find out your blood type if you don’t know it already. In some cases, it might mean the difference between life and death, such as in the case of a transfusion or with the birth of a baby with a different Rh factor than the mother.

It can make a difference in a variety of other circumstances too, such as when there is a decrease in the local blood supply and a request for donations. Studies have shown certain blood types may be at greater risk of certain diseases and health conditions. And one popular book claims that eating differently based on your blood type can make weight loss easier and improve overall health.

Learn Your Blood Type at ARCpoint Labs of Anderson, SC

Let ARCpoint Labs of Anderson, SC perform a quick blood draw so you have life-saving information when you need it.